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This page last updated:  05/23/2010

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Your newly elected Executive Board is proud to represent the members of Lodi and Woodbridge fire departments. We embark on the next two years with a full agenda and no shortage of issues to tackle.

As your President I vow to stay true to the professionalism and values that were established by my predecessors. The likes of Mall, Wichman, and Iturraran have made the LPF a strong and respected union. This was not accomplished overnight or by the actions of a lone man, it was done by participation of the membership. We are elected to represent YOU and we work feverishly for YOU. It is our hope that each one of you will be empowered to speak up and be heard, vote and make a difference, volunteer and effect change. Our single greatest asset is the member and our most powerful tool is the solidarity of those members. Without it, we are no different than the other bargaining groups in the city. It makes us unique and prevents management from dividing and conquering.

It is with great humility and pride that I lead us into the future. Whatever that landscape or climate looks like, I am confident we will persevere and emerge stronger. On behalf of the entire Executive Board, thank you for your trust.


Brad Doell,

Lodi Professional Firefighters

Local 1225